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Professional Services from Ringbio

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Ringbio has been working in the field of rapid diagnostic technologies for decades. We are familiar with biotechnologies that are employed in the related applications. From antigen, antibody preparation, vaccine design, drug discovery, and evaluation, to animal safety assessment, OEM, ODM, and contract manufacturing, we are always expanding our vision and capacity to meet the requirement of the industry.


Immunoassay development

We can develop immunoassays for different analytes in different sample matrices, in which small molecules such as antibiotics, mycotoxins, hormones, environmental contaminations, drugs, etc, and big molecules such as virus, protein, peptide, etc are covered.


OEM / ODM production

Rapid test kits based on immunochromatography, whether it is a lateral flow cassette or dipstick device, can be OEM/ODM by Ringbio. ELISA kits, whether it is competitive or sandwich immunoassay, direct or indirect assay can all be produced.

Professional services categories

Antibody production

Antibodies include monoclonal and polyclonal are vital for life science and drug research. Since the beginning of the company, we have been working with these technologies. Our technicians are skilled and professionally trained specialists who are working with antibodies every day. From antigen preparation to immunization, from serum titering to cell fusion, we monitor and record all the details only for your requirement.

Immunoassay development

Based on antibody and antigen reaction, immunoassays are always sensitive, accurate, and specific, which are always employed to quantify unknown analyte in target samples. The results of immunoassay mostly rely on the performance and stability of the assays or the kits. Establishing an immunoassay, different aspects shall be considered. such as the optimum coating condition, buffer system, reaction time and sample preparation, etc. Ringbio has all the expertise you need.

Vaccine design

The vaccine has played an important role in human history to defeat those "killer virus", and it will continue to play this role. Designing a vaccine includes several aspects, for example, analyzing the virus protein or DNA/RNA details, screening for potential target sequence, selecting proper vector or expression system. Ringbio has experience in developing different vaccines for swine and poultry, such as HPAIV and PCV2 vaccine based on the SF9 system.


Ringbio has the experience of working with international customers to offer OEM/ODM services for rapid test kits, ELISA kits, RT-PCR, etc. With this service, customers can enjoy and utilize the supply chain of different China industries, from packaging, producing, raw materials to printing, etc. Customers only need to consider the most important part of the whole produce, which is designing and conception. 

Contract manufacturing

With a fully equipped production facility and GMP production lines for immunoassays and PCR assays, Ringbio is able to help customers to manufacture test kits according to ISO9001, ISO13485, and Good Manufacture Practice. All production details will be recorded and documented following the related protocols and guidelines. Ringbio also has a cold inventory to keep certain quantity stock for customers.

Animal testing

With our research ability and product range, Ringbio offers animal testing services, whether it is disease identification, vaccine antibody level monitoring, or farm-scale screening of potential risk. In the past few years, Ringbio has tested more than 2,000,000 samples and helped more than 100 local farms and producers. With a background in veterinary science, we also provide consulting services for the industry.