NBReader Animal 10 Parameter Veterinary Blood Gas Analyzer

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This NBReader Veterinary Blood Gas Analyzer is a desktop blood gas analyzer for animal testing purpose. It can detect 10 different parameters in animal blood, including Ca2+, Cl-, K+, Na-, pH, pCO2, pO2, Glucose, Hct, lactate

Basic information of the analyzer

The NBReader animal veterinary blood gas analyzer is a specialized diagnostic device used in veterinary medicine or vet clinics to assess the acid-base balance, oxygen levels, and other critical parameters in an animal’s blood. It can enhance diagnostic capabilities, aid in monitoring critically ill animals, and contribute to better treatment outcomes. Now in almost every vet clinic, this blood gas analyzer is a must-have instrument and is always used in daily veterinary practice.

Advantages of the NBReader Veterinary Blood Gas Analyzer

  • Quick and Accurate Results in minutes.
  • Species-Specific Reference Ranges for animals
  • Automatic built-in internal control

In case you need portable analyzer, please check the NBReader Electrolytes Analyzer, which can detect 5 parameters including Ca2+, Mg2+, Cl-, Na+, K+.

Technical details of the NBReader Veterinary Blood Gas Analyzer

Item No. Parameters Specification
1 Weight ~3kg
2 Principle Electrochemical biosensors
3 Quality Control Built-in automatic control
4 Display LED
5 Printer thermal printer
6 Detection Range
  • K+:  2~9.0 mmol/L
  • Na+: 100~180 mmol/L
  • Ca2+: 0.25~2.5 mmol/L
  • Cl-: 65~140 mmol/L

    ** for detection range of other parameters, please check the datasheet for more information

7 Reading time around 5min
8 Applied sample whole blood, 150uL
9 Storage 9999 entries maximum
10 Strip ejection /