Antibody development and production

monoclonal antibody production flowAntibodies include monoclonal and polyclonal are vital for life science and drug research. Since the beginning of the company, we have been working with these technologies. Our technicians are skilled and professionally trained specialists who are working with antibodies every day. From antigen preparation to immunization, from serum titering to cell fusion, we monitor and record all the details only for your requirement.

Our Expertise

We are a professional diagnostic company, thus we are able to evaluate the antibodies in a diagnostic way so that it can perfectly work in the target assay. Before the real antibody production, antigens are designed and synthesized. In the initial period of immunization, serum collected will also be tested against natural antigen when available.

During the past few years, we have successfully produced more than 200 monoclonal antibodies and now they were used in our research projects and diagnostic kits.

Our Focus

 As we focus on food safety chemical contamination, we are able to prepare artificial antigens with completely designed structures so that these antigens will not only trigger an immune response but will also produce antibodies in the animals. 

Up to now, we have successfully prepared antigen and antibody for tetracyclines, aflatoxins, gentamicin, and chloramphenicol, etc.