Mini Micropipette, Minipette, Fixed volume minipipette, 25 - 200ul

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The mini micropipette is a fixed volume micropipette that can be used in liquid handling for all rapid test kits operation. The volume range is 100-500ul, which is quite flexible and accurate. The minipipet can be provided within the test kit when necessary.

During the testing, minipipet can be used directly without adjusting the volume. It is convenient, easy and handy. This small device can be used repeatedly, you only need to change the micropipette tips when taking different liquids. 

Volume ranges of mini micropipette

Item No. Volume C.V.
M101 25ul <5%
M102 50ul <5%
M103 75ul <5%
M104 100ul <5%
M105 200ul


Mini Micropipette, Minipette, 100 - 500ul