Porcine Circovirus Type II (PCV2) Antibody ELISA Kit
Porcine Circovirus Type II (PCV2) Antibody ELISA Kit


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Porcine circovirus (PCV) is a single-stranded DNA virus (class II), that is nonenveloped with an unsegmented circular genome.The viral capsid is icosahedral and approximately 17 nm in diameter. PCV is a member of the virus family Circoviridae.

The current PCV 2 ELISA test kit is based on indirect ELISA to detect PCV2 antibody in pig serum.

Key facts of the kit

  • Ready to use kits for lab staff
  • No special instrument required
  • Result visible in 60min

Application of the kit

This kit shall be used to test swine serum.

Kit Components

  • Microtitle well precoated with recombinant PCV2 antigen, 96wells
  • Positive control and negative control
  • Sample buffer
  • Wash solution
  • TMB substrate