Benzoic Acid ELISA Kit for food and feed



Benzoic Acid ELISA Kit is a competitive ELISA kit to detect benzoic acid content in the milk, food digest and feed samples.

Benzoic acid is used as a food preservative. It inhibits the growth of yeast, mold, and other bacteria. Acidic food and fruit juices, sparkling drinks, and pickles are preserved with benzoic acid. It is also used as a preservative in cosmetics.

Benzoic Acid ELISA Kit

Studies of the subacute toxicity of benzoic acid in mice indicated that the ingestion of benzoic acid or its sodium salt caused weight loss, diarrhea, irritation of internal membranes, internal bleeding, enlargement of liver and kidney, hypersensitivity, and paralysis followed by death.

This Benzoic Acid ELISA Kit is based on indirect competitive ELISA, the coupled antigen was pre-coated in the microwells, the Benzoic Acid will compete for the antibody with the pre-coated antigen, then add HRP enzyme conjugate and TMB substrate successively, the OD value of the sample is negatively correlated with the content of benzoic acid contained in the sample. The standard curve is fitted by regression and multiplied by the corresponding dilution ratio to obtain the content of benzoic acid in the sample.

Key facts of the Benzoic acid ELISA Kit

  • Ready to use ELISA kit based on Competitive Immunoassay
  • Total time required only 75min
  • Highly specific to benzoic acid.
  • Applicable for milk, feed and other biological samples. 
  • Customized sample application can be tested and validated before order.

Benzoic acid ELISA Kit parameters

  • Sensitivity: 0.5 ppm, ug/ml
  • Stability: 12 months when stored properly
  • Accuracy: 80%-120%

Benzoic acid ELISA Kit components

  • Precoated microwell, 96wells
  • Benzoic acid standard, 0.5 - 40.5 ppm. ug/ml
  • Enzyme conjugate
  • TMB Substrate
  • Stop solution (not available when shipping by air)
  • Sample buffer
  • Wash buffer

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