Meat antibiotic residues test kits

Meat antibiotic residues test kits

Meat from cattle, chicken and pigs is a very important source of protein in our daily life. Safe steps in handling, cooking, and storage of meat are essential to prevent foodborne illness. However, even with these procedures, you still can not make sure the meat is safe only after they are fully tested before going to the market. Antibiotics used in veterinary practice may have residues in the meat.

Ringbio meat antibiotic residues test kits

Ringbio has developed rapid test kits based on lateral flow immunoassay for rapid testing of drug residues in meat, which will require only 10min for a visible result. It is fast, sensitive and accurate, and the detection limit meets EU Maximum Residue Limit requirement.

Meat antibiotic residues test kits

Product # Product Unit size
510001 Meat Beta Lactams Rapid Test Kit 48T/72T
510006  Meat Tetracyclines Rapid Test Kit 48T/72T
510008  Meat Sulfonamides Rapid Test Kit 48T/72T
510005  Meat Lincomycin Rapid Test Kit 48T/72T
510014  Meat Chloramphenicol Rapid Test Kit 48T/72T
510032 Meat Florfenicol Rapid Test Kit 48T/72T
510009 Meat Fluoroquinolones Rapid Test Kit 48T/72T
510023  Meat Macrolides Rapid Test Kit 48T/72T
510034  Meat Trimethoprim Rapid Test Kit 48T/72T
510035 Meat Olaquindox Rapid Test Kit 48T/72T

Ringbio also has some ELISA kits for quantitative analysis of drug residues in food samples.

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