Peroxide Rapid Test Strip

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Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) has a long-established history of use as a preservative in milk worldwide. The use of H2O2 to activate the inherent lactoperoxidase enzyme system has dramatically improved the quality of raw dairy products in areas in which cooling is not widely available. Determination of hydrogen peroxide can be done by the determination of peroxide in samples. Currently, colorimetric, enzymatic assays, etc are employed in peroxide testing. This Peroxide rapid test strip is based on a colorimetric assay in which H2O2 reacts with TMB and produce a blue color, which can be observed and compared with a standard color pad provided in the kit. The content of H2O2 contained in sample is then estimated.

Key facts of the Peroxide Rapid Test Strip

  • Ready to use test strip
  • No extra instrument needed
  • Result available in less than 20 secouds
  • Applicable for milk and milk powder, water, etc.

Technical Details of the Peroxide Rapid Test Strip

Product name Peroxide Rapid Test Strip
Product code T003
Principle Enzymatic assay
Sample milk, water, etc
Specificity 100%

0.5 - 25mg/L

Shelf-life 12 months
Storage 2- 30 oC or 2-8 oC

Detection Limit of the Peroxide rapid test strip

0.5 - 25 mg/L, please check the kit instruction for details or contact us directly.

How to use this peroxide rapid test kit

The detection of samples is very easy. The milk powder sample needs to be dissolved before testing.

Basically, take the liquid test sample into a small container and dip the rapid test strip with the immersed end into the sample, then observe the test result in 20 seconds.

Peroxide rapid test strip Kit Components

  • Peroxide Rapid Test Strip, 50pcs
  • Kit instruction manual, 1 set

Materials required but not provided

  • Sample cup

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