Peracetic Acid Rapid Test Strip

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Peroxyacetic acid (also known as peracetic acid or PAA) is an organic peroxide. based, colorless liquid with a low pH and a strong, pungent, vinegar-like odor. In the concentrated form it is highly corrosive and unstable. PAA is formed from the reaction of acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide. In dairy industry, peracetic Acid concentrate suitable for use in disinfection of milking equipment. Very low usage rate 0.3%v/v for Cluster Dipping & 0.3%v/v for final rinse. Suitable for use on Milking plant & Bulk tank. Low foaming and does not require rinsing after use. This Peracetic Acid Rapid Test Strip is a dip-and-check rapid test strip for the detection of the chemical disinfectant peracetic acid in milk samples. The detection limit is 0- 40mg/L. The total test time is less than 30s. Quick and easy!

Key facts of the Peracetic Acid Rapid Test Strip

  • Ready to use test strip
  • No extra instrument needed
  • Applicable for pasteurized milk.
  • Fast, result in 30s

Detection Limit of the Peracetic Acid rapid test strip

0 - 40mg/L in milk, please check the kit instruction for details or contact us directly.

Technical Details of the Peracetic Acid Rapid Test Strip

Product name Peracetic Acid Rapid Test Strip
Product code T005
Principle Enzymatic assay
Sample milk, water, etc
Specificity 100%

0 - 40 mg/L, visual result checked by eye

Shelf-life 12 months
Storage 2- 30 oC or 2-8 oC

How to use this Peracetic Acid rapid test kit

The detection of samples is very easy. Just dip and shake, then check the result.

This test strip is only for one time use, do not use repeatedly.

Peracetic Acid rapid test strip Kit Components

  • Peracetic Acid Rapid Test Strip, 50pcs
  • Kit instruction manual, 1 set

Materials required but not provided

  • Sample cup

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