Meat QuaTest Beta-lactams, Tetracycline, Sulfa, Ceftiofur, BTSCef 4in1 Rapid Test Kit

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Antibiotic residues in meat can pose certain hazards to human health such as sensitivity to antibiotics, allergic reactions, mutation in cells, imbalance of intestinal micro biota and bacterial resistance to antibiotics. The presence of residues of antibiotics in poultry meat and meat products beyond maximum permissible limits is a matter of serious concern. Heat treatments can reduce the risk of some sulfonamides, tetracyclines, and fluoroquinolones but do not guarantee the complete elimination or degradation of these antibiotic residues present in broiler meat.

This Meat BTSCef QuaTest is a 4in1 rapid test kit that utilizes the high affinity of monoclonal antibody and receptor protein against beta-lactams, tetracycline and sulfonamide common structure, which can identify a broad spectrum of drug residues. The detection limit of the kit can meet both European and USA MRLs when using properly.

Key facts of the Meat BTSCef QuaTest

  • Ready to use kits for lab staff
  • No organic solvent required
  • Result visible in 10min
  • Broad-specific to all TC

Detection Limit of the Meat BTSCef QuaTest

10-90ppb, this detection limit may change, please refer to the kit insert.

Kit Components

  • Meat BTSCef QuaTest Test Strip, 96pcs
  • Microwell reagent, 96wells
  • Plastic Pipette, 96pcs
  • Sample buffer, 15ml

Materials required but not provided.

  • Micropipette, 20-200ul
  • Centrifuge
  • Homogenizer

Sample preparation

Meat samples shall be homogenized before testing. Basically, 2g of homogenized meat dissolved with 2ml of diluted sample buffer, shake thoroughly for 2min and then centrifuge for 10min. Take the supernate for rapid testing.

This product can also be applied to milk sample, please check this page for more information.