Dibutyl phthalate DBP ELISA Kit

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Dibutyl phthalate DBP ELISA Kit is a competitive ELISA kit to detect dibutyl phthalate DBP in milk and milk powder samples. Water samples may also apply.

Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) is an organic compound that is commonly used as a plasticizer because of its low toxicity and wide liquid range. With the chemical formula C6H4(CO2C4H9)2, it is a colorless oil, although commercial samples are often yellow.

However, since DBP is also a putative endocrine disruptor, the use of this substance in cosmetics, including nail polishes, is banned in the European Union since 1976. And the use of DBP has been restricted in the European Union for use in children's toys since 1999.

In the US, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) is one of the six phthalic acid esters found on the Priority Pollutant List, which consists of pollutants regulated by the EPA.

This ELISA kit is based on indirect competitive ELISA, the coupled antigen was pre-coated in the microwells, the DBP will compete for the antibody with the pre-coated antigen, then add HRP enzyme conjugate and TMB substrate successively, the OD value of the sample is negatively correlated with the content of DBP contained in the sample. The standard curve is fitted by regression and multiplied by the corresponding dilution ratio to obtain the content of DBP in the sample.

Key facts of the Dibutyl phthalate DBP ELISA Kit

  • Ready to use ELISA kit based on competitive Immunoassay
  • Total time required only 75min
  • Highly specific to DBPs.
  • Applicable for milk & milk powder sample

Dibutyl phthalate DBP ELISA Kit parameters

  • Sensitivity: 0.025 ppm, ug/ml
  • Stability: 12 months when stored properly
  • Accuracy: 80%-120%

Dibutyl phthalate DBP ELISA Kit components

  • Precoated microwell, 96wells
  • DBP standard series, 0.025 - 1.5 ug/ml
  • Enzyme conjugate
  • TMB Substrate
  • Stop solution (not available when shipping by air)
  • Sample buffer
  • Wash buffer

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