RINGBIO 3-in-1 TriTest Kits for analysis of dairy milk, meat, egg and feed,etc

Here at RINGBIO, we have the following 3-in-1 TriTest test kit

Description Package Size
Beta/Tetra/Sulfa, BTS TriTest (100ppb) 96T
Beta/Tetra/AflaM1 TriTest BTM1 Rapid Test 96T
Beta/Tetra/Macrolides, BTM TriTest 96T
Beta/Tetra/Cefalexine, BTCex TriTest 96T
Lincomycin/Quinolones/Tylosin, LQT TriTest 96T
Streptomycin/Lincomycin/Neomycin TriTest 96T
Kanamycin/Erythromycin/Lincomycin TriTest 96T
Beta/Tetra/Sulfa, BTS TriTest (10ppb) 96T
Beta/Tetra/Sulfa, BTS TriTest (3min+5min) 96T
Myco 3  AfB1/ZON/DON TriTest 96T

We can also customize different combinations for customers. Please contact us for details.