Foot-and-Mouth Disease, FMD Serotype O antibody ELISA Kit
foot-and-mouth disease rapid test kit


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The foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) is the pathogen that causes foot-and-mouth disease. The disease, which causes vesicles (blisters) in the mouth and feet of bovids, suids, ovids, caprids and other cloven-hoofed animals is highly infectious and a major plague of animal farming, which causes billions of damage to the animal farming industry before the vaccine was developed.

Key facts of this FMD O Ab Test kit

  • Ready to use kits for farmers
  • Applicable for large quantity testing
  • Less than 60min to get result
  • Low cost with high sensitivity

Performance of the kit

The FMD serotype O ab ELISA kit is used to measure the amount of antibodies generated by vaccination or infection of FMDV serotype O.

This ELISA kit can be used to detect FMD A antibody in swine / bovine / caprine / ovine serum (or plasma).

Product # Tests
E40032-1 96
E40032-2 192
E40032-3 480

Kit Components

  • Positive/Negative Control, 1 pair
  • Micoplate pre-coated with FMD O antigen
  • HRP enzyme conjugate
  • TMB Substrate
  • Stop solution (not available when shipping by air)
  • Sample buffer
  • Wash buffer