Spiramycin Rapid Test Kit

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This Spiramycin rapid test kit is for the rapid detection of Spiramycin in milk and milk powder samples. The detection limit is 3 - 8 mg/kg, the detection time is 10min. 

Background information of Spiramycin

Spiramycin is a macrolide antibiotic used for the treatment and control of a number of bacterial and mycoplasmal infections in animals. It is available as a spiramycin embonate for use in animal feed, and as the adipate, a more soluble form, for administration by other routes.

According to Ceva product information, spiramycin can be used in the following applications,

Diseases caused by spiramycin susceptible bacteria.

Cattle (adults):
Treatment of:
- Respiratory diseases,
- Mastitis,
- Metritis,
- Interdigital necrobacillosis (foul in the foot).

Treatment of mastitis.

Spiramycin Rapid Test Kit Facts

  • Ready to use kits for farmers, truck drivers, etc
  • No incubation required
  • Result visible in less than 10min
  • Rapid assay with high-specificity to benzoic acid

Spiramycin Rapid Test Kit Components

  • Spiramycin Rapid Test Strip, 96pcs
  • Microwell reagent, 96wells
  • Plastic Pipette, 96pcs

The detection limit of Spiramycin Rapid Test Kit

  • Spiramycin : 3 - 8 ng/g,  please always check the kit insert for details.

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