Ringbio ® KangarooSci ® Pivot E. coli/Coliform Count Plate

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Kit Principle



Ringbio ® KangarooSci ® Pivot E coli/Coliform Count plate  is based on the ISO/AOAC standard method, which utilizes the dehydrated culture medium to cultivate the E. coli/Coliform bacteria in 24h to give you a visual and easily-counting result. This count plate is readily usable and no extra culture media is required. The bacteria will grow on the plate with proper incubation. The result can be enumerated with counter. 

Key features of KangarooSci ® Pivot E coli/Coliform count plate

  • Visual countable result in 24 hours
  • Comparable performance & results with other commercial count plate
  • Cost effective and readily availble
  • All red colonies shall be counted.
  • Applicable for food and beverage industry

Specifications of this KangarooSci ® Pivot E coli/Coliform count plate

Product Code KGR003
Package Size 12 tests / pack, customized size available
Brand Name KangarooSci
Principle Culture medium and/or selective culture medium based
Enumeration Range 10-100cfu. Further dilution may require for TNTC result.
Incubation 36oC±1oC for 24h±2h
Storage Temperature
  • 2-8oC for 12 months in cool dark place.
  • Room temp. for 1 months after opening the foil package 
Applied Samples Liquid and/or solid samples. 
Sample Preparation Pre-enrichment not required
Reference Standard
  • AOAC official methods, 991.14 and 998.08
  • ISO Standard, ISO4833 Microbiology of food and animal feeding stuffs 
  • China Food Safety Standard,  GB4789.3 or E. coli and GB4789.38 for Coliform.
Typical Result of the kit Pivot E. coli/Coliform count plate


Components of KangarooSci ® Pivot E coli/Coliform count plate

  • 12 count plates in one foil package, further packed in paper box.

Instrument or reagent required to run this Pivot E. coli/Coliform count plate

  • Micropipette with 1mL
  • pH meter
  • NaOH, 1M, for sample pH adjusting
  • HCl, 1M, for sample pH adjusting
  • Incubator
  • Counter


  • In order to get a precise result, all instrument, devices, and the plastic consumables used in the analysis shall be sterile. Otherwise it will lead to unexpected result.
  • Subject to the limitations of the method used in the kit, it is applicable to products intended for human consumption or the feeding of animals. Further internal validation may require if new samples are tested.