Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus, IBRV Antibody ELISA Kit

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Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus, IBRV Antibody ELISA Kit is a blocking immunoassay test kit to detect IBRV-specific antibody in bovine serum.

Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR) is a highly contagious, infectious respiratory disease that is caused by Bovine Herpesvirus-1 (BHV-1). It can affect young and older cattle. In addition to causing respiratory disease, this virus can cause conjunctivitis, abortions, encephalitis, and generalized systemic infections. IBR is characterized by acute inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.

Eradication of IBR involves vaccination of cattle with modified live virus (MLV) vaccines or inactivated virus vaccines. The use of MLV vaccines has been shown to be more effective in controlling IBR than inactivated virus vaccines. Meanwhile, testing of IBRV antibody is also important in this procedure.

Key facts of this IBRV antibody ELISA kit

  • Ready to use kits for vet labs and farms.
  • No special instrument required.
  • Low cost with high sensitivity

Performance of the IBRV antibody ELISA kit

The kit is based on the blocking immunosorbent assay, to detect Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus antibody in bovine serum, which is rapid, accurate and easy-to-operate. 

IBRV antibody ELISA kit components

  • Precoated microtiter plate with IBRV antigen
  • Positive control
  • Negative control
  • Enzyme conjugate
  • Stop solution
  • Sample buffer
  • Wash buffer

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