Ringbio KangarooSci Aerobic Count Plate Certified by AOAC-RI

Ringbio KangarooSci Aerobic Count Plate Certified by AOAC-RI

Ringbio, a leading provider of food safety testing products and services, announced that its KangarooSci Aerobic Count Plate has been certified by the AOAC Research Institute (AOAC-RI) for the enumeration of aerobic bacteria in various food samples.

The KangarooSci Aerobic Count Plate is a ready-to-use microbiological test kit that utilizes the dehydrated culture medium to cultivate the aerobic bacteria in 48 hours and provide a visual and easily-countable result. The kit is based on the ISO/AOAC standard methods and has comparable performance and results with other commercial count plates. The kit is cost-effective, readily available and easy to use. It does not require any extra culture media or reagents.

The AOAC-RI certification is a third-party validation of the kit's performance and reliability. It demonstrates that the kit meets the AOAC-RI's rigorous standards for accuracy, precision, specificity, sensitivity and robustness. The certification also confirms that the kit is suitable for testing various food samples, such as liquid and solid foods.

The certification of the KangarooSci Aerobic Count Plate is a milestone for Ringbio and its customers. It shows that Ringbio is committed to providing high-quality and innovative solutions for food safety testing. It also gives customers more confidence and convenience in using the kit for their routine microbiological analysis.

For more information about the KangarooSci Aerobic Count Plate and other Ringbio products, please visit https://ringbio.com/products/microbiology/aerobic-count-plate or contact Ringbio at [email protected].