Q&A: Can you use a human pregnancy test on a pig?

ringbio pig pregnancy rapid test kit for pig pregnancy test

Q&A: Can You Use A Human Pregnancy Test On A Pig?

Human pregnancy is easier to detect with test kits from supermarket, but if you want to test pig pregnancy, better not to use it. Dr. Lee hereby tells you - "Human pregnancy kit is not applicable for pigs". 

Human pregnancy test

Human pregnancy diagnosis is based on a hormone named HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, HCG). It will tell you if you are pregnant in 2 weeks after intercourse. Blood HCG is more reliable compared with urine HCG, however, it is much easier to do urine test at home. 

Pig prenancy test

Unlike human, pig does not release HCG or PCG, so human pregnancy test can not be used for any other animals. In pigs, after artificial insemination or mating, another hormone will be secreted from the body, which is named Estrone Sulfate (ES). Estrone sulfate is a pregnancy-specific hormone produced by the fetoplacental unit. Once the sows are pregnant, ES will be increasing in blood or urine. The higher ES concentration will indicate more piglet quantities.  

However in different animal species, ES levels are different. In order to conduct an early pregnancy diagnosis, ES is more frequently used in pig farming and related research. Ringbio Pig Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit is based on ES level in urine, which can detect pig pregnancy in 23-32days after mating.

Other animal pregnancy test

Although ES is secreted in different animals, the levels arise at different stage of gestation. In goat, sheep, cow, ES can not be used as an early diagnostic indicator, because ES levels only arise in 50days or later after mating or AI.

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