Aflatoxin B1 ELISA Kit

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Aflatoxin B1 ELISA Kit is a competitive ELISA kit to detect aflatoxin B1 in feed and cereal samples.

Aflatoxin B₁ is a chemical compound of the aflatoxin class, a group of mycotoxins produced by three species of Aspergillus - Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus parasiticus, and the rare Aspergillus nomius - which contaminate plant and plant products. Aspergillus flavus produces only B-type aflatoxins.

It is known as the most carcinogenic chemical. After intake of aflatoxin contaminated feed in domestic animals, aflatoxins will be taken into human table. Thus detection and elimination of aflatoxins in feed and cereals are very important. Now strict residue limit of Aflatoxins are established in EU, USA, China, etc. 

This ELISA Kit is based on indirect competitive ELISA, the coupled antigen was pre-coated in the microwells, the aflatoxin B1 will compete the antibody with the pre-coated antigen, then add HRP enzyme conjugate and TMB substrate successively, the OD value of the sample is negatively correlated with the content of aflatoxin B1 contained in the sample. The standard curve is fitted by regression and multiplied by the corresponding dilution ratio to obtain the content of aflatoxin B1 in the sample.

Key facts of the Aflatoxin B1 ELISA Kit

  • Ready to use ELISA kit based on Competitive Immunoassay
  • Total time required only 75min
  • Highly specific to aflatoxin B1 
  • Applicable for both feed and cereal (including maize, feedstuff, etc)

Aflatoxin B1 ELISA Kit parameters

  • Sensitivity: 0.01 ng/ml (ppb)
  • Stability: 12 months when stored properly
  • Accuracy: 80%-120%

Aflatoxin B1 ELISA Kit components

  • Precoated microwell, 96wells
  • aflatoxin B1 standard series, 0.02 - 1.62 ng/ml
  • Enzyme conjugate
  • TMB Substrate
  • Stop solution (not available when shipping by air)
  • Sample buffer
  • Wash buffer

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