Ringbio is honor to be the first company that got the ILVO validation of Aflatoxin M1 in China.

ILVO Validation of AFM1

ILVO is an independent governmental research institute, part of the Government of Flanders' Agriculture and Fisheries Policy Area in Belgium. ILVO strives to improve products and production methods, monitor and safeguard the quality and safety of end products, and to improve policy instruments with the aim of developing policy related to agriculture, rural areas, and fisheries.

Dr. Wim Reybroeck and his team conduct this validation study. The validation investigates the detection capability, specificity, selectivity, rate of false positive and false negative results, repeatability of reader and test kit and robustness of test kit, in addition, the influence of the milk quality, milk types and batches have also been inspected. In a word, This Aflatoxin M1 Rapid Test Kit can be used as a qualitative screening test for screening of raw cows' milk for aflatoxin M1 at EU-ML level (50 ng AFM1/L), this test kit can also be used in the UHT milk, reconstituted milk power and goats' milk.

The Aflatoxin M1 Rapid Test Kit is a lateral flow test for the semi-quantitative detection of aflatoxin M1 in commingled raw milk in 10 minutes. With a reader a quantitative result is obtained. Quantitative or qualitative is both feasible.
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