Ringbio products and services

Ringbio products and services cover applications for clinical diagnostics, veterinary diagnostics, and food safety testing. We now have more than 200 kinds of commercial products and more than 300 kinds of research reagents.

Ringbio products and services: Clinical Diagnostic Kits from Ringbio

Clinical Diagnostic Kits

Focusing on infectious disease, we now have COVID-19 rapid test kits and influenza rapid test kits.

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Ringbio products and services: animal test kits

Animal Disease Test Kits

From mink, poultry, goat/sheep, cattle to pigs, we have various diagnostic reagent and kit set for application.

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Ringbio products and services: food safety test kits

Food Safety Test Kits

Focusing on food safety, especially dairy milk safety, we have more than 100kinds of products for drug residue, mycotoxin, chemicals, and food nutrition testing.

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