Antibiotic ResidueTest Kits, Mycotoxins Rapid Test Kit, Milk Fraud Test Kits for dairy milk samples, such as milk, milk powder, etc

BTSQ beta tetra sulfa quino 4-in-1 rapid test kit

QuaTest BTSQ Beta,tetra,sulfa & quinolones 4in1 Rapid Test Kit

beta/tetra/sulfa/quino 4-in-1 BTSQ QuaTest kit to detect β-lactams, tetracyclines, sulfonamides and quinolones in milk in 10min. Result meets EU/USA/China MRL. Fast, simple reliable, validated by ILVO.

Product No: 100029 , from Food Safety
Beta-Lactams+Tetracyclines, BT Combo Test Kit

Beta-Lactams+Tetracyclines, BT Combo Test Kit

β-lactam antibiotics and tetracyclines combo rapid test kit, BT fast como is used to detect β-lactam antibiotics and tetracyclines in milk, time 6min/10min, result meets EU/USA/China MRL

Product No: 100002 , from Food Safety
Imidacloprid rapid test kit

Pesticide Imidacloprid Rapid Test Kit

This Imidacloprid test kit utilizes the high affinity of monoclonal antibody against imidacloprid, which can easily identify its contamination in milk without any instrument. The detection limit can meet both European and USA MRLs when used properly.

Product No: 300004 , from Pesticide Residues
Pesticide Paraquat Rapid Test Kit

Pesticide Paraquat Rapid Test Kit

Paraquat is a toxic chemical that is widely used as an herbicide (plant killer), primarily for weed and grass control. In the United States, paraquat is available primarily as a liquid in various strengths.

Product No: 300003 , from Pesticide Residues
Pesticide Carbendazim Rapid Test Kit

Pesticide Carbendazim Rapid Test Kit

Carbendazim is a widely used, broad-spectrum benzimidazole fungicide and a metabolite of benomyl. It is also employed as a casting worm control agent in amenity turf situations such as golf greens, tennis courts etc.

Product No: 300002 , from Pesticide Residues
Cow Milk ketone rapid test kit

Cow Milk ketone rapid test kit

Ketosis is a metabolic disorder that occurs in cattle when energy demands (e.g. high milk production) exceed energy intake and result in a negative energy balance. Ketotic cows often have low blood glucose (blood sugar) concentrations.

Product No: 400004 , from Other chemicals
colistin rapid test kit

Colistin Rapid Test Kit

Colistin is a decades-old drug that fell out of favor in human medicine due to its kidney toxicity, which is effective against most Gram-negative bacilli. The detection limit of this colistin rapid test kit can meet both European and USA MRLs when use properly.

Product No: 100026 , from Food Safety

Cefalosporins Rapid Test Kit

Cefalosporins are widely used natural or artificial antibiotics in animal or human clinical practice, side effects of which include severe allergy, etc. Maximum Residue Level/Limit (MRL) has been established against β-lactams in USA, EU, Japan, China and many other countries.

Product No: 110001 , from Food Safety
albendazole rapid test kit

Albendazole Rapid Test Kit

Albendazole is a medication used for the treatment of a variety of parasitic worm infestations. The common side effects of it include nausea, abdominal pains, and headaches.

Product No: 300001 , from Food Safety
Aminoglycosides Genta/Neo/Kana/Strep 4-in-1 QuaTest

Aminoglycosides Genta/Neo/Kana/Strep 4-in-1 QuaTest

As an effective antibacterial agent, aminoglycoside antibiotics are one of the commonly used veterinary drugs in animal husbandry and aquaculture. In addition, they are often added to feed to promote animal growth and development.

Product No: 100025 , from Food Safety