Detección de fraude en leche de capra/oveja

Ringbio cow milk fraud test kit to detect cow milk compostition in goat/sheep milk

Ringbio cow milk fraud test kit to detect cow milk composition in goat/sheep milk.

Goat/sheep milk is considered as another source of protein for human consumption, which is regarded as high nutrition, low allergic. thus in the dairy field, one of the most common frauds is the adulteration of higher value types of milk (sheep and goats) with milk of lower value (cow's milk). This illegal practice has an economic advantage for milk producers and poses a threat to consumers' health because of the presence of hidden allergens as, for example, cow milk proteins, in particular, α(s1)-casein and β-lactoglobulin. The urgent need for sensitive techniques to detect this kind of fraud brought to the development of chromatographic, immunoenzymatic, electrophoretic, and mass spectrometric assays.

Ringbio cow milk fraud test kit information

RINGBIO Cow milk fraud test kit is a new rapid test to detect cow milk composition in goat and sheep milk, the detection limit is 0.3-0.4% according to the kit instructions. The whole operation is 10min max, and incubation of 40 degrees celsius or no incubation can both work for this kit.


Item # Item Qty
1 Cowmilk test strips  96 pcs, in 12 plastic tubes, 8 strips & 8 microwell reagents/tube
2 Plastic pipettes, 0.5ml  100 pcs
3 Kit instruction,   1 set

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Ringbio cow milk fraud test kit - bovine from sheep/goat  - operation steps


Other technologies in milk fraud detection

Instrument analysis such as liquid chromatography, MALDI-TOF,etc have been seen in report to detect milk fraud, in which fatty acid, casein etc are the target analyte and fingerprint for indentification. ELISAs based on the same principle as lateral flow immunoassays are also employed in the related analysis. Other technologies such as SDS-PAGE, WB, etc are also used in report.


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