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Zearalenone (ZEN), also known as RAL and F-2 mycotoxin, is a potent estrogenic metabolite produced by some Fusarium and Gibberella species. Zearalenone is the primary toxin, causing infertility, abortion or other breeding problems, especially in swine. Zearalenone is heat-stable and is found worldwide in a number of cereal crops, such as maize, barley, oats, wheat, rice, and sorghum. The detection limit of the kit can meet both European and USA MRLs when use properly.

Key facts of the ZEN rapid test kit

  • Ready to use kits for farmers, truck drivers, etc
  • No incubation required
  • Result visible in less than 10min
  • High-specific to ZEN

Detection Limit of the kit

60ppb, this detection limit may change, please refer to the kit insert.

This kit can be used to qualitative detect zearalenone in cereal, feed nut and cereal beverage.

Kit Components

  • ZEN Test Strip, 96pcs
  • Microwell reagent, 96wells
  • Plastic Pipette, 96pcs
  • ZEN reagent, 96wells